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Scholars Criteria

For students graduating from high school in 2008 or later, the following criteria for Scholars applies:

High school students are asked to meet the following criteria in order to be recognized as Arkansas Scholars:

  1. Earn semester grades of "C" or above in all courses.
  2. Achieve a 95% or better attendance record (average over four years).
  3. Complete the recommended courses to graduate from high school and to prepare for post secondary education, including:
    • English. 4 units (I, II, III, & IV)
    • Science. 3 units (from biology, chemistry, physics, and physical science, lab based).
    • Mathematics. 4 units (algebra I, geometry, algebra II and an advanced math course)
    • Social studies. 3 units (to include world history, U.S. history, civics/government)
    • Complete the balance of state mandated high school graduation requirements.
  4. Finish high school in 8 consecutive semesters.

For questions about the Arkansas Scholars criteria and course of study, please contact ABEA at 870-886-7673.

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